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    About Us - Maas Architect

    About Us

    Founded in 1996 , MAas Architects, is one of the most renowned and sought-after architectural firms in the country.

    Headquartered in New Delhi, MAas is a comprehensive architectural firm offering services ranging from design consultancy and construction to Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Construction administration.

    Known for its highly experienced team of professionals who deliver paramount results for every assignment being envisaged, MAas Architects consistently thrives to follow a comprehensive approach in order to create some of the finest architectural projects in India.

    With an unbiased passion towards creating spaces that are state of the art yet novel, this 360-degree architectural design consultancy operates on the core mission of offering design services that remain unmatched and innovative for their clientele.

    Led by a core team of well experienced and erudite architects, MAas Architects has executed some of the finest projects in the country till date and continues to focus on collaborating in a well-researched and intricate manner with their clients belonging to sectors like (but not limited to) Residential, Commercial, Retail, Hospitality, and Institutional projects.

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