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    MAas Architects - Leading Architect Firm in Delhi NCR(India)

    Founded in 1996, MAas Architects, is one of the most renowned and sought after architectural firms in the Delhi (India).

    Headquartered in New Delhi, MAas is a comprehensive architectural firm offering services ranging from design consultancy and construction to Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Construction administration.
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    Maas Architects is renowned for its innovative designs, sustainable approach, and expertise in creating iconic structures that redefine architectural excellence. With over 25 years of experience, Maas Architects has set a benchmark for delivering top-notch architectural solutions in Delhi and across India.

    Maas Architects’ expertise in sustainable architecture sets it apart as a leading choice for environmentally conscious design solutions in India.

    Maas Architects offers comprehensive architectural services that cater to a wide spectrum of requirements in Delhi and NCR. From commercial to residential, hospitality to institutional projects, Maas Architects demonstrates versatility and expertise in fulfilling diverse architectural needs.

    Maas Architects places a strong emphasis on client collaboration, ensuring active involvement and transparent communication throughout the architectural design journey. The firm’s client-centric approach fosters trust and ensures that the client’s vision is seamlessly translated into architectural masterpieces.

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