In MAas Architects constantly challenge ourselves to look for new ways to design and deliver with minimum lead time. Our focus will be on more efficient and cost effective. Our team of seasoned Structural engineers, with in depth knowledge in structural designing, equipped with modern technical tools to deliver the best creative process, promote collaboration, improve co-ordination. Our improved planning, design and construction process is best by the industry standard.
     We work with clients in close co-ordination and all members of our design team work towards to ensure the smooth passage of projects from initial conceptualizing, statutory and legal process to the construction and delivery process.
      We are reputed Architectural design firm because we invest in attracting and developing the most talented and experienced of structural engineers.
Our structural engineering services include:

  • Foundation plan drawings
  • Drawings for shallow, raft and pile foundations
  • RCC joint, slab details, roof truss and joint details
  • RCC and steel plan and machine foundation details
  • Shallow, raft and pile foundation drawings
  • Chimney foundation drawings with base plate, shoe plate, and foundation bolt details
  • Longitudinal and cross-sections of beams and columns
  • Welded, riveted or bolted steel connection details
  • We MAas Architects will be with you from the feasibility assessment to scheme designing, drawing and implementation.

Our aim at MAas Architect structural services bring to life the vision of the clients,