Architectural Graphics 101 – Number 01

Maybe this will be exciting, maybe it won’t, but I am going to start writing a few articles a month on architectural graphics and what I’ve done to get my drawings to look the way they do. I might talk hardcore technical computer specifics from time to time but for the most part, I am going to focus on the really small details. The idea for this series came to me the other day when I was asked by one of my employees to walk through some cabinet shop drawings and explain exactly what they are supposed to be reviewing. As I sat in front of the drawings, explaining why we do certain things, I realized that I have had similar conversations with almost everyone I work with … and if they all had these questions, it stands to reason that other people will have them as well.
To that end, the Architectural Graphics 101 series was born. There isn’t anything special about the topic I have selected for the very first entry in this series – in fact – I’ve almost gone the opposite direction and chosen something pretty vanilla as a starting point. If people seem to respond well to this series, I will continue them every other week or so.
So here we go ….

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