Bob Borson say YES.  

Who is Bob Borson? 

In 2009, he received the Dallas Chapter American Institute of Architects “Young Architect of the Year” award,

It’s really difficult to get firsthand experience on a construction job site once you have a different 8am-6pm job. It wasn’t until I bought my first house did I roll up my sleeves and start to get my hands dirty. My wife Michelle had a job where she traveled for work 5 days a week, and since I am not really a “go hang out at the bar” type of guy, I spent my evenings at home making repairs on my 1920’s era house. I didn’t really know any best practices, but I had been drawing details for awhile and I kind of knew some stuff … but knowing and doing are two really different things.

If you are a young architect or plan on becoming an architect one day, I think the best advice I can give you is to find your way onto a construction site – even if that construction site is your own. READ MORE. 

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